The Real Story Behind Annabelle

Recently the latest Part of The Conjuring universe- Annabelle: Creation is Released which is getting very popular. All Shows around the world are going hit. But do know? the ghost on which the whole series is based is actually Real.

Real Story behind the Demonic Doll of Annabelle.

The Real Annabelle Doll

In terms of style, the doll in the film does not match the real doll. The real doll was Chinese which is a rag doll with huge black eyes. Legend says that it once unleashed its terror on a group of flatmates in a chain of events that ended in a man’s death. It is currently locked up in Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, which houses a number of paranormal artifacts and oddities as well.

                                                                                 DO NOT MOCK HER

This is How it Started-

In 1970, a Mum bought a doll from a hobby shop for her daughter “donna”. She was living in an apartment with her friend and both were doing a nursing degree. They placed doll in their apartment as a decoration

Soon, doll started small movements but they ignored. While she sometimes changed her position, she appeared on the chair the other times, minutes after being placed on the bed.

Then, soon things started to change very fast.

Donna once saw blood on the hand of the doll. When they got worried and called a priest. When priest through his prayers contacted to doll it told them that She is a spirit of a 7-year-old girl. The field on which their apartment is built is the death site of this girl & she told her name as Annabelle Higgins.  Apparently, when the doll was brought to the apartment, the child’s spirit was around and it became fond of the doll, opting to possess it. And she also told that she feels safe with these girls and wanted to live with these girls. As she was just a spirit of 7 years old girl, the girls didn’t mind to keep it with them so they permitted the doll.

Lou was another guy who was living with these girls. Lou doesn’t like the doll much. After all, she was a spirit, and no one likes to live with spirit. Doll many times tried to scare Lou by suddenly appearing in his room or sitting in his chair.

But suddenly after some days, the doll attacked their friend, Lou, who was sleeping in the apartment. She actually tried to climb up his body when he was asleep and put her hands round his neck and tried to STRANGLE him. Lou says that he blacked out and woke up the next morning, unsure whether it was a dream or reality.

He found claw marks appearing on his body the next day that appeared within two days without a trace.

They decided to call a priest the next day who suggested them to contact experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple told them that the doll had a “demon spirit” manipulating her and then Ed & Lorraine decided to take her with them in their museum.

On the way to the museum, the doll tried wheeling their car & sometimes their Brakes stopped working & sometimes the car automatically drifted aside on their way to the museum. Then the doll was finally controlled by a blessing and holy water. She tried levitating in the museum too but has now been kept in a glass box at their museum, secured with a special set of prayers.

Afterwards, the priest who called Ed & Lorraine showed his interest in the doll and wanted to see her so he visited the museum. When he saw the doll he didn’t find her scary at all and commented on her that “what this devil can do. Afterall she is just a doll”. Ed told the priest that he should not have said that and when pr the est was going back Ed asked the priest to drive carefully and call after he reach home safely. Afterwards when Priest reached home safely he called Ed Warren and told him that on his way his car lost the control and he was just missed by an accident.

Lorraine Warren has since warned visitors of mocking the doll. She says that a man who once made fun of her died on his way back from the museum. His girlfriend, on the other hand, was hospitalised for a year.

While her husband, Ed, died in 2006, she today avoids even looking at the doll because it’s the “worst thing in the whole Museum.”

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