Real Life Incidents That May Prove Time Travelers DO EXISTS

When we talk or think about time travel, we usually thinks about science fiction movies But let’s talk about real life, let’s think whether time travel or time travelers Do Exists or Not. There are lot of cases which claims time travel to be true but science says at present time there is no such thing exists as time travel. Science even claims that may be in future we can achieve this thing. From the starting famous scientists such as Albert einstein was involved in many experiments. If time travel exist in future then may be someone from future have already visited us and we don’t even know it. There are so much things to be fantasize about. So let’s talk about facts and real incidents that may proves about theories.

So, here are the 5 Stories which may have already traveled through time.

1. 40 Years Ago, A Passenger Plane Vanished on the runway while landing at washington Airport.

40 Years ago, a plane was going to land on Ronald Reagan washington national airport. All of the sudden plane vanished in thin air and emergency services were called in. Everyone thought somehow plane went off course and may be crashed. Right 10 Minutes later plane reappeared on the same exact spot. All the clocks on the plane including passenger watches were 10 minutes behind to the normal time. (Source)

2. Robert Victor Goddard. He claimed to have experienced time slip & even seen the parallel universe.

During the World War 2, Sir Robert Victor Goddard served as senior commander of british Royal air force. He flown combat missions in both world wars. In Short had a prestige military record and later became deputy intelligence director at the Air Ministry. (Source)

One day he was flying on a mission where he had to inspect an unused airfield. He just saw what he expected an unused airfield overgrown with grass and cows grazing there. Later he was going back, a very heavy rainfall struck and he lost his bearing so he decided to fly back to that airfield.

When he flew near the airfield, the heavy rain suddenly stopped and changed to bright sunlight. The unused airfield was now in good condition with mechanics working all work the field, yellow planes on the runways. The color of the mechanic’s uniforms looks strange to him because british air force does not use blue color. He did not land on the field and flew back to his home and never spoke to anyone what happened.

Just four years later air force started to color their planes yellow and changed mechanic uniforms to blue. On this strange story a film is also based called “Night my number came up”. (Source)

3. The Vanishing Hotel. “The Most documented case of that time”.

In 1979, a couple was driving to spain. As they hit the night, they thought to take rest at some hotel. So, they moved down to a narrow road. Then they arrived at a two story stone building which looked like a hotel. When they checked in the room they found everything was very old fashioned like the fashion of 1907. There were no telephones or elevators. During breakfast they saw two policemen and both were wearing uniforms of before 1905. Hotel billed the couple 1/10 the amount they expected.

A couple of weeks later when they were coming back from the spain, they thought to stay at the hotel again. But everything was there but hotel was not there. They tried very hard but hotel was not there at all.

When they came home and developed the photos they clicked. All the pictures were there but the picture they took at the hotel were missing. This story was also featured on the tv show “Strange but True”.

4. The Firebombing of hamburg. In 1932.

In 1932, a german news journalist ‘J bernard hudson’ and his photographer were in hamburg shipyard doing a story. As they were leaving, all of the sudden planes started flying above. When they saw above all planes were bombing. They took pictures of everything.

They told their editor and when they developed the film, nothing was there. In 1943, 11 years later hudon was in london and he saw same attack with same pictures in an newspaper.

5. Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943.

Philadelphia Experiment is the world’s most well known event. In 1943, US military wanted to hide a ship from human eyes or make it invisible. However this event went a bit wrong. Ship did disappeared but it teleported to virginia and came back again in just 10 Seconds. When the ship appeared again, all the crew members said to have fused to different part of the ship and some went insane or crazy. Even albert einstein took part in this experiment. (Source).

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