OUIJA BOARD : Complete Truth

Let me first give you all a short intro of Ouija Board, Especially to those who don’t know what is Ouija Board.

The Ouija Board conjures up the thoughts of demonic possessions and communications with the dead and Spirits. It is a Simple game. You have a board with alphabets in the center numbers at the bottom with the word goodbye under it and Yes or No in each of the top corners. You have a pointer that rests on the board. Players place their hands gently on it. One person asks questions & a spirit comes through it will spell the answers by moving the pointers overs the board but how much truth is behind this? There is no denying that there are some incidents related to this board. If you are planning to use it or already have used it then here are some Scary things you must know about ouija board.

Spirit Board “Ouija Board” which is used to call spirit. Board has numbers and letters with a point. Between 2 AM to 4 AM, close windows and doors. Take 3 Caldels & call dead people. Board pointer will start moving. Millions of casses proved it right. People who tried more than 13 Minutes got Possesed.

The original Ouija Board.

The original Ouija Board was invented in 1980’s by businessman Elijah bond and production was later taken over by William fold. William’s estate was sold to the Parker brothers & after then to Hasbro who still holds the trademark & patent of ouija board till present day.

When the game was first released in the 1980’s there was no explanation how it worked. It just claimed to answer the question asked by the player & board will answer it with absolute accuracy.  This fueled interest and people started to use the board as the means of communication with the dead.

Today, as a result of some terrifying experiences and aided by some horror movies the ouija board is feared by many people. Religious Leaders believes it to be the Tool of Satan. They claim it to be responsible for violent behaviors and crimes.

This Ouija Board is available at Amazon under toys and games Section with a recommended age group of 8+. Same ouija board which is claimed to be a portal to the Dead. How can it be a toy?

People have actually Died while playing it.

Despite the ouija board marked as a game, there are plenty of people who had died while playing one and this includes “Death”.The death of the man responsible for producing and distributing the first Ouija board was the direct result of an instruction from the one.


Death of ouija board’s second founder.

The businessman who marketed ouija board “WILLIAM FULD” was on the roof on his new Ouija board factory supervising the installation of a flagpole when the railing he was leaning against gave away & he planted to the ground in 1927. He was rushed to the hospital but a freak event occurred on the way. One of his fractured rib got into his heart and he died instantly. 

It has later emerged that the Ouija board spirits were the ones who instructed him to build the factory in the first place. What do you think?

“On His DeathBed, he told his children that Never sell an ouija board”

This Is The Most Dangerous Crime Done After Ouija Board.

It is the most dangerous crime done after using the Ouija board. In February 2001. Carol Swell from Oklahoma was playing with an ouija board with her daughter Tammy & her two daughters. During the game, Carol claimed she received a communication from GOD through the board tying her as her 34-year-old son in law Brian Roche was evil and needed to die.

The message prompted her to grab a knife & grab his son in law while he was sleeping but initially, he was not heavily wounded and called out for help but Carol and her daughter ignored his pleas and left him to bleed to death.

 After that Carol tried to kill her 10-Year-old granddaughter but she managed to take the knife from the mother. After that strangely, Carol tammy and 2 granddaughters got into a car which was driven by Carol who then proceeded to run the vehicle into a road sign in an attempt to kill them all but luckily the whole family survived with no life-threatening injury. Carol had two broken ankles.

After that Carol got out of the car with broken ankles and tried to push one of the granddaughters in oncoming traffic. She believed that she had inherited brian’s evil. After this unsuccessful even, Carol removed her clothes and hid in the woods. After her arrest, she claimed that board told her to do that.

She had no history of mental illness or drug abuse & it is believed that she let the ouija board consumed her life. She was later declared insane.

People Swears That They Can Talk With Their Loved One With The Help Of Ouija Board.

People Swear that they can communicate with the dead. The need for us to contact the dead goes way back and over the years some people such as mediums and psychics claim to have developed the skills to be able to speak to their loved one beyond the grave.

So, when the Ouija board was introduced to people in 1890’s, they started to believe that they had a tool that really could predict the future or contact spirits that requires no specific power to navigate. The question is, Can an Ouija Board actually communicate with dead?

It is impossible to say since some people had experiences that cannot be explained. For example. There are many occasions when it is believed that instead of messages from departed loved ones the board deviates a non-friendly spirits filtered through. It’s these sort of interactions that cause all the problems and allegedly can lead to demonic possession.

But there are also many positive accounts of contact with the spirit world and the users who maintain, they have felt a hand stroking their necks and received comforting messages from dead loved ones making it hard to say if the board holds special powers or not.

All the religious people say no to use of ouija board for a non-trained person as they can produce medium like effects which in the wrong hands can produce a direct link to the dark side of the spirit world.

The skeptic says that the mysterious mechanism that powers the ouija board is caused by ideomotor effect. ‘unconscious involuntary physical movements by the user that cause the pointer to move around the board and has nothing to do with paranormal communications.

The Ouija board comes with a set of rules which is often ignored by most players. Ignoring these rules, it states, can lead to demonic possession.

Ouija board comes with an unwritten set of rules. Like most of the rules, these rules are also often ignored by the players. Although ignoring these rules can increase your chances of demonic possession.

There are mainly three rules which are

1. Never Play Alone.

For your own safety and sanity, you should never use it alone.

2. Never Talk about God while using it.

As you will enrage the spirits that are trying to get through and this could cause them evil in nature resulting in an greater risk of possession.

3. Never ask the board about when are you going to die.

If you use the ouija dispose of it properly otherwise it will come back and haunt the owner but DO Not Burn it. If you do, You will hear it screaming & it is a signal that you have only 36 hours to live. The correct way of disposing of the Ouija board is to break it into seven pieces & sprinkle it with holy water. If that is not possible, place a silver coin on the board to repel evil energy, so that no spirits will come through.

One last rule!

4. Always says goodbye after closing a session. Failure to do so could result in contacted entities hanging around long after you have finished the game.

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