About Us


I have just started blogging. So I am not a professional blogger. I am learning things about blogging and How to maintain a website. I am a student currently in between my graduation.

I am a  Computer Science Student. I wanted to learn a digital marketing & for learning DM you have to do more and more of Practical. So Decided to create Edifier.co.in. The topic I chose for my website is Trending topics around us. I will write on Current trending stories for example latest technology like Hyperloop, AI, New Gadgets launch, Space Science Stories, Eclipse, Planetary News, And Facts in Detail and Fascinating Stories like Paranormal or strange incidents. Overall Here you can find Trending Stories for Knowledge as well as Stories based on Real incidents which you would like to read.

I chose this topic because I myself like this types of things. Things which are trending and Stories and Technology. It is my passion to read this type to stories and news. Its not only keep me updated but I am one step ahead of others who don’t keep themselves updated. And it’s not their fault that they are not updated. People like to be updated but it is very hard to find all information, News at one place. The event it is very hard for me also to provide all News & information.

So I am just putting my effort & trying to update people as much as I can.

Here I will provide you Information about Sounds Brand Edifier also. I chose Edifier as my domain. After that, it came to my knowledge that Edifier is already a Brand of sound Systems. So first I thought that I did a mistake by choosing this name & I thought to drop this site but later I decided to Run this website as I am already providing Info about latest things happening around the world So why not to provide Info about brand Edifier also as My brand name is also Edifier. Though it is a big company and there is no relation between them and my Website. By mistake, I choose this name.

So I am alone to provide content on this website. If you like my website or have any suggestions to improve my services please you can contact me or E-mail me. If you want to help me in this step of providing info to people you are always welcome. You can contact me by calling or by E-mail also. Contact info is provided at the bottom of this page contact info is available.

Thank You