2,000-Year-Old Tombs from Roman Period Found in Egypt

A series of Egyptian tombs dating back about 2,000 years, to the time when the Romans controlled Egypt, have been discovered at Bir esh-Shaghala in the Dakhla Oasis in Egypt. Credit: Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

A series of tombs dating back about 2,000 years has been discovered. These tombs were of the time when Romans ruled the Egypt. the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Aug. 23.

Excavations at Bir esh-Shaghala in the Dakhla Oasis have uncovered tombs. Tombs were made of mudbrick. Some are quite large containing multiple burial chambers. Some of the tombs have vaulted roofs. One Tomb has a roof built in the shape of a pyramid.

Five of the tombs were recently discovered while eight more were found within the past six excavation seasons“, ministry officials said in a statement.

Artifacts were found in the tombs such as mummy masks  & ostraca (inscribed pottery). Giant containers were also found of wine or olive oil. The discovery of the tombs was made by a team of archaeologists from Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. The excavations at Bir esh-Shaghala are scheduled to continue.

The Romans took over Egypt in 30 B.C. While the Roman emperors ruled Egypt from Rome, the Egyptians revered the emperors as pharaohs. Their traditional Egyptian funerary customs (including mummification) and religious practices continued until the Romans adopted Christianity during the fourth century A.D.

Location is 350 kilometers west of Luxor. The Dakhla Oasis contains a vast amount of archaeological remains that date from prehistoric to modern times. A number of settlements from the Roman era flourished in the Dakhla Oasis. In 2014, According to report Roman era settlements in the oasis had yielded the remains of an ancient school covered with writing that included references to drug use.

Source: Live Science.

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